Paper Quilled Peacock Feather

A former girlfriend of mine came to spend the night one weekend way back in 2014 and she wanted me to help her learn quilling. She bought a collage frame and I set about showing her some basic techniques and then she worked out of a Wildflowers quilling book that I had bought. I didn’t feel like making flowers so I experimented with this Paper Quilled Peacock Feather.

Paper Quilled Peacock Feather
Paper Quilled Peacock Feather


I actually still have this piece and I really should take the time to photograph it again. The image on this post was taken with my cell phone and it’s really awful.

All I did to make this was create tight coils for the eye of the feather. I pressed the edge of my tweezers into the dark blue, light blue, and red coils to “notch” them. Then I squished them all together in a line and wrapped them tightly with 1/8″ red strips to hold them together. I glued the whole unit on the back side to secure it.

After the eye was complete I added a quill and then started layering more and more strips to create the plumules.

Peacock Feather Anatomy

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