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Sometimes I get ideas and try them out and they work. I have a particular affinity for “blended” creations. A subject that is comprised of two unique and unrelated concepts. The Paper Quilled Peacock Fish or as it was originally named “Peafish” is one of these. It blends a peacock and a fish together.

Paper Quilled Peacock Fish


This piece is 8″ x 10″ x 1/4″. I found a creative commons image that I used to for the body shape of the fish. I outlined it using Little Circles On Edge Cardstock strips.

The tail “feathers” were made from very large loose coils that I made into eccentric coils by pulling the center coil to one far side. Each feather has an “eye” that I made from a gilded paper from JJ Quilling with a dollop of Quilled Creations Crystal Coat Glaze on top. I create a fringe around the pointed end of each with crimped strips.

The body is made from tight coils. The blue is gilded paper and the orange is regular paper. I put all the tight coils onto my Quilled Creations Mini Mold to give the a dome shape. The belly is made from silver gilded paper and was done with a quilling comb.

The eye was made using my signature realistic eye technique – black and gilded paper. The face was combed pieces pressed tightly together.

After everything was in place, I painted on layer after layer of Crystal Coat Glaze to build up about 1/8″ of clear varnish to make him look wet.


Although the original Paper Quilled Peacock Fish or Peafish has been sold, the 8″x10″ art print is available on my Etsy shop.

Paper Quilled Peacock Fish

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