Paper Quilled Peacock Fish | Peafish

Sometimes I get ideas and try them out and they work. I have a particular affinity for “blended” creations. A subject that is comprised of two unique and unrelated concepts. The Paper Quilled Peacock Fish or as it was originally named “Peafish” is one of these. It blends a peacock and a fish together.

Paper Quilled Peacock Fish


This piece is 8″ x 10″ x 1/4″. I found a creative commons image that I used to for the body shape of the fish. I outlined it using Little Circles On Edge Cardstock strips.

The tail “feathers” were made from very large loose coils that I made into eccentric coils by pulling the center coil to one far side. Each feather has an “eye” that I made from a gilded paper from JJ Quilling with a dollop of Quilled Creations Crystal Coat Glaze on top. I create a fringe around the pointed end of each with crimped strips.

The body is made from tight coils. The blue is gilded paper and the orange is regular paper. I put all the tight coils onto my Quilled Creations Mini Mold to give the a dome shape. The belly is made from silver gilded paper and was done with a quilling comb.

The eye was made using my signature realistic eye technique – black and gilded paper. The face was combed pieces pressed tightly together.

After everything was in place, I painted on layer after layer of Crystal Coat Glaze to build up about 1/8″ of clear varnish to make him look wet.


Although the original Paper Quilled Peacock Fish or Peafish has been sold, the 8″x10″ art print is available on my Etsy shop.

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Paper Quilled Peacock Fish

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