Paper Quilled Peacock Monogram | Letter R

This Paper Quilled Peacock Monogram (Letter R) was made for a woman who won a contest I was running. I can’t remember the intricate details right now, but I’m pretty sure it was a LIKE/PIN/SHARE promotion. I ended up making three 8×10 monograms. The other two were a swirly letter “S” and a pink & brown daisy letter “K”.

Paper Quilled Peacock Monogram
Paper Quilled Peacock Monogram


This monogram was relatively easy. I filled in the body of the letter with beehive. I created simple peacock feathers by coiling paper that I had glued together in a very long chain of colors. I would definitely do them differently next time, but I made this during the infancy of my quilling career so I was doing a lot of learning as well as experimenting.

In 2018 I was asked to be a co-author for a Monogram Book being created by Quarto Publishing. You can find the book and the kit (they published one of each) on all the major book e-tailers like Amazon and BN. Here is the link through the publisher itself.

This book and kit have designs for all twenty-six letters of the alphabet and give you a ton of ideas of how to fill in your letters. If you’re a beginner struggling with design, this might be a good option to help get your creative juices flowing.

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