Paper Quilled Phoenix | Version 2

This is my Paper Quilled Phoenix | Version 2. I say this because it’s a replica of “Rising Phoenix” – a piece I created in December of 2014. I’m really glad I had the opportunity to recreate one of my favorite pieces, partly because it’s flattering when people want to buy my artwork, but maybe moreso because it challenged me to figure out a way to reproduce something that is really and truly difficult to reproduce – at least to any degree of accuracy.

Do Not Copy My Original Designs

By providing you with images of my artwork, I am in no way giving you permission to copy my designs. Just so it’s clear, none of my designs are to be copied for commercial or personal use unless I have specifically stated this.

I took a few shots of the process I used to make Phoenix 2.0 and they appear below.


DISCLAIMER: The images and discussion below depict and describe the process I used to copy my OWN artwork. By posting these here, I am not giving anyone permission to copy my artwork. It is for informational purposes only. Copy your own work this way, not mine. Thank you.

Thank you for visiting my website – every click helps support my art. See something you love and want to commission one of your own? Contact me for details.

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