Paper Quilled Poppycock

I have a thing for hybrid artwork. And when I say “hybrid” I mean in both the sense of multi-media as well as combining two separate and unique themes. This Paper Quilled Poppycock combines quilled poppies with a quilled peacock. Two of my favorite subjects!

Paper Quilled Poppycock

Below is a carousel that shows three specific close-up views of the Paper Quilled Poppycock.


I’m not providing information on how I created this piece so that you can copy my artwork. This piece is protected by my implied copyright, and I do not give permission for it to be copied, reproduced, or used in a derivative.

Please try out techniques that you find interesting on your own unique artwork.

Poppycock is 8″ x 10″ x 1/2″. It is made with 1/4″ quilling strips and it is two layers deep.

The main body of the peacock is made with cardstock strips. They are shaped like arcs and glued on their edges to simulate ‘feathers.” The butt section is made the same way, but I doubled up the “feathers” and used a crimped, lighter piece of paper to outline each of the darker, cardstock arcs. This gave some nice dimension and separated that section nicely from the main body. I cut 1/4″ strips into fringes to cover the base of the crest and fill in around the tiny butt poppies.

The wings were made with little feathers I cut out with my Cricut. The feathers are cut out of a grunge watercolor cardstock for them and each feather is 1.5″ long.

How to Make Quilled Crinkle Poppies

Below are two videos that discuss how to make the Quilled Crinkle Poppies I used in this piece. This is a technique that I created a few years ago for a different purpose, and with slight alterations, worked really well for poppies (or flowers in general). View the videos below.

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Poppycock is available for sale. If you want to reserve this piece, please let me know. Do you see something else on my site that you like? I am currently accepting commissions. Contact me for details. Or, if you’d prefer browsing my already-created, ready-to-ship artwork, head on over to my Etsy shop and see what’s on the shelves.

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