Paper Quilled Rainbow Trout

This paper quilled rainbow trout is part of a series of hybrid pen & ink slash quilled animals I did in late 2016. I made several creatures, the last of which was this trout.

I really liked this guy when he was done, though the photo doesn’t do it much justice. I’m not sure why it looks so dingy but it was mounted on a white background and the pen was black. This picture is deceptive.


I found a random image of a rainbow trout on the internet to serve as a shape outline. I created scrollwork to fill in the major areas of its body. Part of the scrollwork appeal, at least to me, is that it’s done without a heavy outline. It implies an edge and that’s it.

The white scrollwork on the bottom was done with silver-gilded white paper from JJ Quilling in the UK. You can’t see it from this image but it is shiny and glistening, very much like the belly of a real fish.

After the glue dried, I went in with a Micron pen and made black dots. Then I drew on a lake bottom, fishing line, hook, and worm, and a couple of weeds.

I have created a gallery of just the Scrollwork Creatures. And, if you’re interested in buying something similar to this paper quilled Rainbow Trout or other items you see on my site, Contact me.

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