Paper Quilled Realistic Silverware

I absolutely love taking things that you’d never expect and turning them into paper art. This Paper Quilled Realistic Silverware piece was actually in part inspired by my brother’s fork tattoo. Yes… he has a very long thin fork tattooed on the underneath of his forearm. It’s very unique and I might have been thinking about that at the onset of this creative binge.

This is one of my favorite pieces of all times. I have often wanted to revisit this concept and create not just a fresh set of silverware, but a fancy plate for them to sit on, and possibly even some food.

I did sketch out this very project a couple of years ago, but could never find the right china pattern to help inspire me. It sounds like this is a good project to tackle this winter when I have less time to spend outdoors.

It’s hard to see with these photos, but the filigree is made with silver gilded white paper from JJ Quilling in the UK. Because their gilded paper is so incredibly thin, I had to stack and stack it to make the bodies of the silverware.

Available on Etsy

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