Paper Quilled Scrollwork Chickadee | Black-Capped

In December of 2017 I was in a sort of scrollwork fanaticism phase! That’s where this Paper Quilled Scrollwork Chickadee came from along with a plethora of other creatures like elephants and rainbow trout. I was trying out every animal I could think of to find the ones that looked best depicted with scrolls.

Of all the scrollwork animals I have made, this one is actually my least favorite. I think it’s body shape is off. Other than that, I loved the hybrid mixed-media concept of the pen and ink branch and feet, and the red berry that I drew in after the fact. I did the same thing with the trout by drawing in a fishing hook, worm, and lake plants. The elephant I drew in a bunch of balloons.

Paper Quilled Scrollwork Chickadee
Paper Quilled Scrollwork Chickadee

You can see the other scrollwork animals I have created in the Scrollwork Cat Gallery. Don’t let the word cat fool you, I have them all in there. It’s just primarily cats as I’ve been asked to make sooooo many of them.

My original plan was to create a kit for each of the animals and I still may do that. I guess I just need some incentive at this point. Do you want kits for all the scrollwork animals? Comment below and tell me your thoughts.

For now, you can buy the e-kits for the Original Scrollwork Cats and the Original Scrollwork Red Fox on my Etsy shop.

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