Paper Quilled Scrollwork Elephant | With Clouds

Meet my Paper Quilled Scrollwork Elephant. He is holding some cloud balloons in his trunk. He is 5×7 and even though the photo looks grayish purple, he is actually on a white background.

This elephant is part of a series of hybrid scrollwork animals I made in late 2016. Each of them featured a scrollwork animal with portion of the artwork created with pen and ink. Some other animals I have used this technique with are birds, cats, fish, and more.


This elephant was a simple creation that only utilized scrollwork and pen & ink. I created a simple body shape using various size scrolls. After that was done I added details with a Micron pen.

The only thing I would do differently next time is prevent one of the legs from looking more narrow than the rest. That really bugs me now that I look at this nearly five years later! LOL

Check out the rest of the design line in the Scrollwork Creatures Gallery. If you are interested in owning your own Scrollwork Animals, I am currently taking commissions. This paper quilled scrollwork elephant already has a home, sorry! Or, if you’d prefer something already made, check out my Etsy shop for ready-to-ship artwork.

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