Paper Quilled Scrollwork Hearse

This Paper Quilled Scrollwork Hearse was commissioned as a gift for a Mortician-in-Training. I was really excited to create this; my only regret being that I didn’t have more time to enhance the design. I could definitely see how lovely this would have been with a black, a grunge watercolor background, a line drawing of the hearse on a grassy knoll, and a gravestone in the foreground. But… when you are trying to make deadlines, sometimes all you can do is an outline and scrollwork. Maybe next time!


This modern-day hearse is mounted on a white background that I ended up cutting to the wrong size so I had to add a black border. It actually looks very nice and will even allow it to transfer to another frame in the future if needed. I used 10mm deep quilling strips for the scrollwork and cut my own cardstock in the same width for the outline.


This Paper Quilled Scrollwork Hearse is sold, but I can always make another. Or, if you’d prefer immediate gratification, visit my Etsy shop to see what Ready-to-Ship items are currently available. If you are looking for something completely unique, I am currently accepting commissions. Please contact me to discuss your project.

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