Paper Quilled Striped Cat | New Style

It’s been several years since I created a new cat style, but I’m really excited about this one. This Paper Quilled Striped Cat is a great option for people wanting a quilled cat but who want to depict a striped cat. The scrollwork cats are gorgeous, but swirls and stripes don’t always mix well.

I have decided to offer this as a permanent listing on my Etsy shop. It’ll work the same way as the scrollwork cats – I will just ask that customers choose two colors or at least send images of the cat they are commemorating so I can pick two.

Other than that, the design is very elegant. I love the way all the pieces work together. Oddly enough, this style actually takes longer than the scrollwork cats because of the meticulous outlining. But, the end result is worth it.

I made another “striped” cat at the same time as this one to test out how to best portray stripes and I will create another post just for that one as it has an entirely different look. Instead of half and half stripes, the strips on that cat span the entire width of the body. I plan to make both options available on my Etsy shop.

If you are interested in owning your own Paper Quilled Striped Cat, you can find the listing on my Etsy Shop below.

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