Paper Quilled White Stallion

Starting 2017 off with my epic Roaring Lion piece gave me so much momentum that I just began cranking out extreme quilled pieces like this Paper Quilled White Stallion.

At the time I wanted to try out something painterly and since I love horses, it was a pretty easy decision to make this beauty. I think that all-in-all it took a little over forty hours total. He is sized for a 12×12 frame just like Roaring Lion and mounted on black fiber-infused art board.

Paper Quilled White Stallion
Paper Quilled White Stallion


The basic technique I used for this piece was combing. The vast majority of the entire bottom layer – which consists of the head and neck – were combed. I tried to make the combs work like paint brush strokes and feel as though for a first attempt I was mostly successful.

Paper Quilled White Horse
Paper Quilled White Stallion

The mane was created using a combination of cardstock strips and regular strips in various shades of white and gray. I did buy a gray card for this project to determine light and dark values of the varying shades of gray.

This horse was made in three layers, the topmost of which is the right ear. The mane was built after the neck, but I did leave much of the underlying neck empty with just some scaffolding to hold up the edge pieces for the mane. I used 1/4″ strips for the base mane and 1/8″ strips for the mane layer on top of that to imply wisps of hair.

Paper Quilled White Pony
Paper Quilled White Stallion

Even though the original isn’t for sale, I have created a digitally mastered art print that is available on my Etsy shop. Along with this horse piece, I have six other prints available. Click on any link below to be transported to the Art Prints section of my shop.

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