Quilled Bacon & Eggs | Happy Breakfast

I had food on the brain in 2017, and was trying out different fun quilling styles. The end result of one weekend crafting adventure was Quilled Bacon & Eggs | Happy Breakfast.

It’s a simply made piece with two cardstock “egg” cutouts using a pretty, watercolor paper that I found on Amazon. The eyes are tight coils made into domes and then glazed. They are actually pretty large and took a ton of paper, LOL.

The bacon strips, or the lips, are made with various colors of cardstock strips. I might have tossed a few standard weight strips in, too.

I have no idea what really inspired this other than I believe that I was making something and noticed that the reddish brown strips resembled bacon. It kind of took off from there.

See more of my “food” themed artwork here.

After all these years, this piece finally found a new home! I love it when old artwork, just sitting in a tote, getting stale, ends up being “adopted.” Now if I can only find homes for the rest of the artwork occupying that tote! Maybe some day.

UPDATE: I thought this piece had gone to a deserving home but my excitement was quickly crushed when Kirsty Saunders of Tulie Rose Art left me not only a less than 5-star review, but lied through her teeth about me “berating” her. I hope Karma bites Kirsty in the ass and she can know the pain of pouring your heart and soul into artwork that you sell for pennies and then having petty entitled little assholes ruining your shop reputation over a $5.00 purchase that came exactly as described. I hope no one decides to mess with your shop reputation out of pure vindictiveness like you did with me!

Available on Etsy

Although this Quilled Bacon & Eggs | Happy Breakfast is no longer available, I could create you another or suggest that you visit my Etsy shop to see what I have currently available. I am accepting commissions through mid-December of 2020 at which point I will be on holiday for a few weeks before resuming in early 2021. Contact me for inquiries.

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