Quilled Barred Owl in the Moonlight

This Quilled Barred Owl in the Moonlight was a commission for a local woman. She was one of my best customers that year and I made her several other pieces which really gave me a confidence boost for both the artwork in general as well as the oomph to move forward with this as a true business.

Quilled Barred Owl in the Moonlight


This owl is a whopping 11″ x 14″ and is one of the handful of extra large quillings that I’ve made. Being that I was only a beginner quiller at the time, he was a big challenge.

I didn’t know where to buy large cardstock backgrounds so in order to get the solid blue, I actually had to assemble four pieces of blue cardstock (in a very particular way) to fit the seams directly under the branches. I positioned the owl so that all of these seams would be hidden. It was an experiment and one I hope had lasting effects.

Everything was made with standard weight, 1/4″ quilling strips. The branch was made with teardrops and other shapes as needed to fill it in. The moon was made of beehive. And the owl itself was mostly just loops glued on edge. I did make fringe (with fringing scissors) to go around his eyes, though it’s not really noticeable until you look closely.

In hindsight, I would love to go back and make the moon differently. And I would like to swap out the eyes for my new, modern “realistic eyes” technique. Maybe some day I will make a new barred owl and do all the things that I want differently.

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