Quilled Black & White Maine

The subject that I have created more pieces of, outside the Scrollwork Cats, is the State of Maine. It’s only fitting since I am a born and bred Maine girl that really loves her state (at least three seasons of the year). I have always loved this Quilled Black & White Maine and only wish the images did it justice.

It’s funny that as much as I want one of these for myself, I only end up making them for others. Maybe 2020 is the year one of these gets put on the wall? Even though this was a wedding gift for a man marrying a woman who grew up in Maine, it’s still one of my all-time favorites.

Quilled Black & White Maine


This guy is 11″ x 14″ – one of the largest pieces that I tend to make. It was quite hefty when it was done because of the dense scrunch technique and a ton of glue.

There were three parts to making this. 1) Outlining the state with cardstock strips; 2) filling in the rivers and lakes with white cardstock strips; 3) and lastly backfilling the entire piece with my signature scrunch technique.

It looks so simple that you wouldn’t think it would take very long, but those scrunches fill sloooooowly.

Black & White Maine Detail
Quilled Black & White Maine

Are you interested in owning your own Quilled Black & White Maine? Contact me. If you’d rather browse my already-created, ready-to-ship artowrk, hop on over to my Etsy shop to see what’s left on the shelves.

A Very Boring Video of My Quilling Process

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