Quilled Black Widow Spider

This Quilled Black Widow Spider was the absolute first item that someone other than a friend or family member asked to buy from me. It was quite an occasion and a real confidence booster. I have no idea how the woman found me – she was an IRS agent from California – but she did and it kind of set the ball rolling for me.


This Quilled Black Widow Spider is mounted on a lavender cardstock and is roughly 5″ x 7″. I used 1/4″ standard weight paper for all but the pedipalps which were 1/8″.

The legs were just strips glued on their edge, but before I did that I cut the ends to tape them to a point. I tried it without doing this and it just didn’t have that slender appearance of a real spider leg.

The body is made from a tight coil that I created with a pen inside. I had to make it, glue it off, and then glue the inside so it stayed put. Then I pulled it off the pen and it left an opening in the center which I filled with two red triangle quills.

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