Quilled Breast Cancer Tribute

My grandmother and now aunt have both survived breast cancer, hence my desire to create this Quilled Breast Cancer Tribute Piece. I was originally going to give it to Miles Memorial Hospital but they didn’t seem interested when I contacted them. I ended up posting a “Find Me A Home” request on Facebook and a woman in the Midwest said she worked for a clinic and would love to have it.


This Quilled Breast Cancer Tribute piece is 8″ x 10″ and mounted on watercolor paper. Some of the breasts are quite tall – I’m guessing 1 to 1.5 inches (nipple included). I used 1/4″ standard weight quilling paper throughout the piece, including the pink ribbon in the corner.

It was important for me to make a variety of breasts in both shape and color. I made some lop-sided and some long and some squat and even popped in a couple of inverted nipples for good measure. The gist of this was that all breasts are beautiful in their uniqueness.

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