Quilled Cardinal With Holly

Aside from cats, cardinals are the animal that I have created the most. This Quilled Cardinal With Holly is the fourth cardinal I’ve made and actually was the last. I do hope to get time to make some more at some point as they’re always popular on my website and Pinterest.

Quilled Cardinal With Holly

Probably the reason I like making them so much is that they are just beautiful. I get them at my feeders on occasion, but they are very skittish. I plan to create an SVG of some of my favorite cardinal photos so people have a template from which to quill their own. And, maybe if I grow a few extra days this year I will try to create an actual tutorial with the template. Those are very popular as well.

Similar Artwork

You can take a peek at my other cardinals by clicking the links below:


This Quilled Cardinal With Holly was made using a template I got from Cricut. He is roughly 8″ x 10″ and I used 1/4″ quilling strips throughout.

I believe that I outlined him using On Edge cardstock. And some of the wing detail was done with cardstock, too. Notice how thick the lines look…

Bird SVG’s on Etsy

I currently have four bird SVG’s available on Etsy. I am in the process of creating many more. Check back this fall for a larger selection.

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See something on my site that you like? I am currently accepting commissions. Contact me for details. Or, if you’d prefer browsing my already-created, ready-to-ship artwork, head on over to my Etsy shop and see what’s on the shelves.

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