Quilled Cartoonish Owls

I made two Quilled Cartoonish Owls in 2014 – one blue and one purple. They were part of my first adventure into commissioned artwork and a good learning experience.

Quilled Cartoon Blue Owl
Quilled Cartoon Blue Owl
Quilled Cartoon Purple Owl
Quilled Cartoon Purple Owl


Don’t let the watermark fool you, these were created in 2014, only a few short months after I began quilling. I believe the 2016 watermark is a result of digging through old photos and running them in a batch through Lightroom which automatically exports my images with a simple text watermark.

So these Quilled Cartoonish Owls were really simple to make. I remember going through Google Images at the time, looking for techniques and ideas. I eventually settled on a combination of elements I found in several different examples.

The eyes were a large flat tight coil. I fringed 1/4″ strips and glued around the edges of these to make the lashes. The wings were combed. The horns were teardrops. The chest was just a ton of strips glued on their edges. That part took forever!

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