Quilled Creations Quillography Paper | Review

I recently ordered some and wanted to share my impressions of the Quilled Creations Quillography Paper for those that have yet to try it. Quilled Creations, Inc. introduced their own line of cardstock quilling strips around 2017. I wanted to try them out at the time, but I had a lot of cardstock strips from Little Circles on hand and I felt that buying more would be redundant and/or an unnecessary expense.

Quilled Creations Quillography Paper

Quilling Paper 101

First of all, here is a primer for those unfamiliar with various types of quilling paper. Most companies sell standard weight quilling paper. It’s not extremely rigid and excels at being malleable. It’s the basic type of paper you will use most often when starting out. The second most common type of quilling paper these days is a heavier weight strip made from cardstock. It is rigid, holds nice straight lines, and excels at being used on its edge. It’s great for outlining, too.

Color Selection

Quilled Creations Quillography Paper comes in 32 different shades, 12 of which are “New” and weren’t included in the initial launch. Most colors have at least one shade option, most have two or more. The bottom line is that Quilled Creations might not have every color under the rainbow, but they are consistent and typically once they offer a shade, they continue to offer it. Plus, this Quillography line matches their standard line perfectly. Shades are nearly identical between the two.

Burgundy  *NEW* Burgundy *NEW*
Blush  *NEW*Blush *NEW*
Sunset  *NEW*Sunset *NEW*
Pale Peach  *NEW*Pale Peach *NEW*
Golden  *NEW*Golden *NEW*
Deep YellowDeep Yellow
Pale Yellow  *NEW*Pale Yellow *NEW*
Forest GreenForest Green
Sage Green  *NEW*Sage Green *NEW*
Leaf GreenLeaf Green
Mint Green  *NEW*Mint Green *NEW*
Pale Pink  *NEW*Pale Pink *NEW*
Light Pink  *NEW*Light Pink *NEW*
Rose  *NEW*Rose *NEW*
Royal BlueRoyal Blue
Deep BlueDeep Blue
Light Blue  *NEW*Light Blue *NEW*
Light BrownLight Brown
Bright WhiteBright White
Quilled Creations Quillography Paper – Shade List


The 1/8″ size is currently $2.50 for a pack of 50 strips, and the 1/4″ is $3.50.


The only true competitor for the Quilled Creations Cardstock Strips is the On Edge line by Little Circles. Both are US based companies and both ship outside the US. There is at least one other company that sells a cardstock weight strip, though it’s on the light side, and that is JJ Quilling in the UK. For most, importing small quantities is expensive so I’m just mentioning this as a possibility and will review their products in another post as they have some really amazing stuff!

Now Onto the Nitty-Gritty

So how to they work???

They’re awesome! The end…

Just kidding.

I bought several of the colors, not just to test out, but to use on my new Poppycock piece. I got three shades of green, black, white, and a couple of yellows. Here is what I found.

They are what I would consider a medium-weight cardstock strip. Not too thick, not too thin. Just right to allow you to use them in a variety of situations. Because they aren’t super bulky, you can fit them into even the tiniest of slotted tools and again, because of their medium-weight, they can be rolled without buckling. When I say buckling I mean the way some really thick cardstock will break every time you roll it and leave flat spots in your coil. No one wants this and it’s probably the biggest reason why cardstock is primarily used for edgework and not coiling. But… medium-weight cardstock gives you options on both ends of the spectrum. The Quilled Creations Quillography strips roll smoothly and they also keep a stiff, straight shape when used on edge.

The finish is smooth and they glue nicely both on the flat surface and on their edges. I didn’t have any trouble getting them to tack down. I say this because sometimes cardstock is coated and this makes it slightly glue resistant. This cardstock does not suffer from that malady.


I definitely recommend the Quilled Creations Quillography Strips. They are priced appropriately, have a decent color selection, have a matching standard quilling strip product line, and most importantly, they produce beautiful artwork.

Buy Quilled Creations Quillography Strips here:


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