Quilled Daisy Monogram | Letter M

This Quilled Daisy Monogram | Letter M was created for a woman named Megan. She, like my mother-in-law has a thing for daisies. She saw the Black Daisy Letter J I did for Jeanette and wanted one in her initial. I believe that on this one I used gilded green paper for the leaves, though you can’t really see it in the pictures.

Quilled Daisy Monogram | Letter M


This monogram is 8″ x 10″ and is mounted on watercolor paper. I used standard weight 1/4″ paper for most of this except some 1/8″ green for the leaves. All the techniques used for this piece were fairly basic, with the most “advanced” being the combed leaves.

The black “body” of the “J” is beehive. The daisies are teardrops. The base of the buds are tight coils with a dome shape. And lastly, the leaves are combed. I have a video going over a few combing techniques somewhere and I’ll try to find it.

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