Quilled Dark Tower | Gunslinger Series Tribute

I grew up on Stephen King and one of my absolute favorite series was The Gunslinger. I was hooked from the very moment Roland appeared on the page, living his endless quest. I remember waiting YEARS for The Wastelands to come out. And then he finished the series and it felt like I was in mourning for a long while afterwards. Once I’d forgotten about the mental anguish I’d experienced during the final book, “The Dark Tower” I wanted to make something to hang on my walls that reminded me of that decade of my life that I lived and breathed Roland Deschain. It was fitting that I created a Quilled Dark Tower | Gunslinger Series Tribute piece.

On a side note, I was kind of hoping that Stephen King himself would see the piece and comment, but that never happened.

Quilled Dark Tower | Gunslinger Series Tribute
Quilled Dark Tower | Gunslinger Series Tribute


This thing took me forever, and it wasn’t the tower or the sky, it was those damn roses. My Silhouette machine kept tearing up the handmde paper that I intended to use, so I had to buy twice as much – and let’s just say it wasn’t cheap. By the time all was said and done, too much of it was ruined and I’d bought several mats that also got ruined and I had to fill in parts of the rose foreground with solid-colored red cardstock. I tried my best to blend the two types of roses, but it was difficult.

The tower was made with 1/4″ cardstock strips. The sky was made with crimped scrollwork. I painted the entire background so there was no white bleed-through.

On a sad note, during my Sabbatical, this piece was ruined by my cat who decided to knock it off the shelf it was on awaiting a frame, and I probably could have fixed it but then it got crushed. I threw it away and kept the memory.

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