Quilled Full Siamese Cat

I wasn’t quite sure how to name this post. I debated on whether to use the word “whole” or “complete” and eventually decided that quilled full siamese cat was the best I could come up with.

This beautiful cat was a memorial piece for a woman who was either in the process of losing her beloved kitty or had already lost it. I can’t remember the fine details of the commission except it was made to represent an actual cat.

The good thing about pure bred cats with this type of coloration is that they all look relatively similar. I think I really nailed the color distribution and gave the cat an elegant look that this breed represents.


This kitty was made almost entirely from scrollwork. She is 8×10, horizontal orientation. I did pay special attention to her eye color and creating both the eye and lids so she had a realistic “gaze”. The idea was to pose her as though she was looking up at her owner as this was a habit of hers in life.

Although this quilled full siamese cat piece depicts the entire body of the cat, I still consider it part of the Scrollwork Creature design line. You can see the entire gallery of scrollwork animals here.

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