Quilled Gothic Scrollwork Cats

Lately every time I have made a cat for an order, I’ve made an extra one or two in the same sitting to have on hand for future holidays. Well, I got an order yesterday for an Original Scrollwork Cat in black, so decided to test out some design ideas for my “new and improved” cat lines. What I came up with were these two Quilled Gothic Scrollwork Cats. They are slightly reminscent of my Dark Heart piece from a few years ago.


The design for both were the cutouts I had previously created for the Fat Cats and Scrollwork Cats designs. They are both cut from black Cricut cardstock which has a pretty fabric or woven texture to it.

I outlined both cats with Little Cirles On Edge cardstock strips. The scrolls inside were made from regular weight quilling strips from Quilled Creations. The scrolls were between 3 and 6 strands each. I felt like the Fat Cat needed fuller scrollwork so I added a few 6-strand scrolls after I’d already dry fit it once.

The roses were cut from some 70lb paper I had on hand from when I was cutting my own strips. (Remember my StripZ adventure?) The template was from Cricut Design Space and I had bought it a few years back.

After they were mostly done I decided they needed some flair so I cut out little black “leaves” to create the illusion of rose and stem for their tails and put two leaves each at the edge of their rose crowns to simulate whiskers.

See more of my quilled scrollwork in the Scrollwork Creatures Gallery.

These kitty quilled gothic scrollwork cats are available on my Etsy shop along with a number of other ready-to-ship cats and other types of quilled artwork. Click on an image below to be transported there.

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