Quilled Great Horned Owls

I made these two Quilled Great Horned Owls in June of 2015. They are two of the largest pieces I’ve ever created at a whopping 11″ x 14.”

The top image (below) is the owl that was commissioned for the Skidompha Library in Damariscotta, Maine. A woman that I know volunteers there and wanted to give them something to show her appreciation. Their “mascot” or “theme animal” is a Great Horned Owl.

Quilled Great Horned Owl
Quilled Great Horned Owl
Quilled Great Horned Owl


The biggest challenge to these owls was getting the shape of the owl sketched out in correct size and proportion on the background paper. I was worried that my pencil marks would show through, but they didn’t. On the second owl I erased the sketching under the more open areas of the tail feathers.

Both owls are 11″ x 14″ and made with 1/4″ quilling paper. They are mounted on 300gsm watercolor paper. A word to the wise about watercolor paper: it will yellow over time. I didn’t know this and even after spraying it with a UV acrylic protectant, the one I still have looks more like it’s on a cream background than white all these years later. BTW – the second owl is for sale and is on my Etsy shop. He doesn’t come with a frame, but I can tell you where to buy one to fit him perfectly.

Back to techniques… these were both created with basic quilling techniques. Tight coils, fringing, teardrops, etc. I did a lot of wrapping to give some of the teardrops more definition.

WIP Progression

You’ll have to excuse the poor image quality, but at the time I was taking photos in low light with a crappy cell phone! LOL

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