Quilled Letter G Monogram | Gardening Theme

The last of the 2020 monograms is this Quilled Letter G Monogram | Gardening Theme. I think it came out pretty cute, especially considering the last minute rush to get it completed.

I really like this cute little theme monogram. I’m partial to gardening and always enjoy when a customer gives me a very limited set of requirements. In this case it was “gardening and G.” It makes it easier to be creative when you’re not boxed in to highly specific requests. I’m also really excited that I snagged a package of brushed paper while it was on clearance because the silver looks just like metal!


As with all the monograms this year, I made this with 10mm wide paper. The difference is absolutely amazing but can only really be appreciated in person and when comparing what it looks like to the 1/4″ that I used to use, or even the 1/8″ that is “standard.” Another thing that I’ve discovered is that using my Cricut to cut cardstock in the 10mm width makes for gorgeous and bold outlines. No more wavy edges! The images below show it in an 8″ x 8″ white box frame. But the customer requested a black frame. I preferred the white so photographed it using that instead.

Available on Etsy

This particular piece is sold, but I can always make another as I have the design saved! If you want your own custom Quilled Letter G Monogram | Gardening Theme, please contact me to arrange for a commission.

If you’re in the market for a generic scrollwork monogram or want to see some that I have already created and can ship immediately, take a peek at my Etsy shop.

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