Quilled Letter H Monogram | Yellow Swirls

This Quilled Letter H Monogram in Yellow Swirls was the very first monogram I ever sold. I owe thanks to my childhood friend Karla for believing in my artwork enough to pay a whopping $20 for it. qui

It’s amazing how much we learn and grow over time. You can view other monograms I have made by viewing the Monogram category.

Quilled Letter H Monogram


This quilled monogram is 5″ x 7″ and mounted on a lightweight, white cardstock background. I outlined the “H” with regular weight 1/4″ white quilling strips. To create the fill I just made c-coils of varying sizes. These are basically a loose coil that isn’t glued to itself. The end is just left out so you can make it as long or short as you want.

Coincidentally, this was the second of this exact same monogram that I created. The first was ruined by my cat. I stupidly sat it on my windowsill to take pictures of in natural light, and the cat jumped up before I remembered to take it back down. Even though I was irritated, it gave me a chance to improve upon the first version.

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