Quilled Letter I Monogram | Various Themes

My latest piece is this Quilled Letter I Monogram | Various Themes. When I say various themes I mean the customer asked for a variety of themes to be incorporated and I tried my best to cover them all. (I was successful by the way! LOL)

This monogram is shown in an 8″ x 8″ box frame. I used 3/8″ paper, both the Juya brand and Quilled Creations. For the outlines I cut my own Cricut cardstock with my Maker. (What an amazing tool this thing is)

So here are what the customer asked for and next to each I will describe how I fit it into the piece:

  • Letter I with Serif – Check! (self-explanatory)
  • Colors: Pink, Purple, & Turquoise – Check! (self-explanatory)
  • Bubbles – Check! (I cut out and staggered circles on the background, but kept them white and the same paper as the background so they were subtle)
  • Glitter – Check! (I used extreme glitter cardstock for one of the design elements)
  • Swimming – Check! (the blue trapezoids can be seen as “pools” and the blue scrollwork “waves”)
  • Violets – Check! (Ione is the name which means violets. Also they are purple satisfying color requirement)
  • BTS – Check! (The most recent BTS logo looks like parting french doors. Also they are glitter and turquoise fulfilling two other requests)

Overall, it came together really nicely. I wasn’t sure when I started designing it, though as the elements all seemed to be difficult to make work as a whole. What do you think?


Although this particular Quilled Letter I Monogram | Various Themes piece is sold, I have created two Etsy listings for monograms. One is a standard generic scrollwork monogram, the other is for “themed” monograms. All of my Made-to-Order listings are displayed below.

If cats aren’t your thing, but quilled or fluid artwork is – I am currently accepting commissions. Please contact me to discuss your project ideas.

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