Quilled Letter M Monogram | Beach Theme

My mother requested this Quilled Letter M Monogram | Beach Theme. The problem was that she didn’t realize the woman who created the design that she liked so much was someone I consider a friend and have known for many years. I was uncomfortable straight-up copying the monogram and struggled with how to make everyone happy.

My initial thought was that I would just create my own version of it and because it was inherently “different” it would be okay. Then I spent a day or two mentally attempting to get it to not really resemble my friend’s monogram. And I kept coming back to the sense that anything I created, no matter how “different” wouldn’t be enough and the minute Jennifer saw it, she would know. So it was important for me to speak with her first.

Now I know some of you will be thinking that the letter M and a palm tree file from Cricut that has a commercial license should be free for anyone to use. And I agree with that. And sunsets are pretty generic. Sand is, too. Water. How many thousands of photographs are there of a beach scene just like this one?

The point is, even though the concept isn’t specific, the “look and feel” are. And being that I respect Jennifer and LOVE her work, I wanted to make sure she was okay with it.


Jennifer was one of the first few people that I invited to be a moderator of the quilling group that I founded called “Contemporary Quilling.” She was a a joy to work with during the two years that I was active with the group, and she became a trusted friend.

So I asked Jennifer if she was okay with me recreating her design. At the time I figured if she said yes, I’d just make my mother the exact same thing. But, as always happens when I’m creating, things go off on a tangent. I decided to use scrollwork for the sunset like I did with my Dark Tower piece. I used my scrunch technique for the sand. I did use Jennifer’s c-coils for the water, though.

Overall, it has it’s own unique look. But I cannot claim to have come up with the basis for the design because that was all Jennifer. On a side note, when I was a beginning quiller, Jennifer was one of the first people I followed as I admired her work immensely. She is a multi-talented woman and has a knack for eye-catching designs.

Please support Jennifer and her kindness by liking her Facebook page and checking out her Etsy shop.

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