Quilled Letter S Monogram | Yellow & Gray

Even though I’m combining all my cats into a single yearly blog post, I’m keeping my monograms individual. I think it’s just because there seems to be more variety in the monograms than the cats. I’m hoping to do a lot of monograms this year and so far I’m off to a good start. My favorite color combination has been this Letter S Monogram | Yellow & Gray. I love it when people ask for unique color combinations because it gives me new material to work with.

I’m really excited about this new monogram style. It looks fantastic with every letter, every color, and it can easily scale up or down in size. It’s completely generic, but stunning nonetheless. Even two “S” monograms will look different as I don’t use a pattern or anything. I just start placing scrolls and see where the design takes me. Dry-fitting it is the key to success so that the scrolls and loops don’t look forced. Once I have a section done the way I like it, I glue it down. But not until then.

My new monograms (and cats for that matter) are all done with 3/8″ wide strips. This is a change from my first two monograms made with 1/8″ paper, and the many years that I created them using 1/4″. There is just something so much better about the 3/8″. It gives more oomph to the finished product. The shadowing is richer. From an angle is shows less background. The strips cast more color onto the background.

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