Quilled Luna Moth

In 2014 we woke up one morning and on our front door, just under our outside light, were dozens and dozens of Luna Moths. That enormous swarm inspired this Quilled Luna Moth. We have never seen another event like that and are lucky to get one a year now. I’m not sure why there were so many that year, but I wish they’d come back.

On a side note, these moths lead very short, tragic lives. They emerge from their cocoons without mouths and only live long enough to breed and then they starve to death.


This entire piece was made using 1/8″ standard quilling strips. It is approximately 6″ x 6″. The main portion of the wings were made with just regular quills squished into teardrops that then got squished into lopsided, rounded teardrops in some areas.

The “bow” along the top of it’s wings was made with over a dozen strips glued together with the ends tapered. That part took forever! After it was formed, I bent it to the correct shape. I think I used a workboard to pin this in place while the glue hardened. I used a similar technique for the bows on the underside of the wings.

The body was made using a triangular piece of white cardstock that I rolled into a tube. I glued around the outside of it and once the glue was dried, I cut it half lengthwise so it was “flat” on the bottom and not rounded.

The antennae are made from cardstock cut into ovals and fringed.

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