Quilled Male Reproductive Tract

Go big or go home. That is my motto. And the Quilled Male Reproductive Tract was a pretty big project, for sure. This fully endowed artwork is roughly 8″ (x 10″) and hyper-paper-realistic right down to the retractable foreskin.

Now that all the innuendo is out of my system, I’ll start by saying that this was a follow-up piece to my lovely Female Quilled Reproductive Tract. It only seemed right to make a pair. The difference being that I attempted to make this big guy more realistic than the artsy, flowery, and somewhat embellished female version.

The construction techniques varied from paper folding to tight coils so edgework. The most important aspect, for me at least, was to get some good natural colors to work with and get the anatomical placement correct. One little boo boo did occur before I shipped this off to my dear, darling, sweet sister from another mister, Carla in Portugal, though. I forgot to glue on a tiny little part. It’s still sitting in a cup in my studio, LOL. Oh well, I don’t think a layman would ever have noticed!

Available on Etsy

Unfortunately, this handsome phallus flew away to Portugal in early 2020 and it was a one-of-a-kind piece. But, lucky for you I am taking commissions. If you’d like your own Quilled Male Reproductive Tract to adorn your home or office, contact me for a commission. Or, if you’d to search my ready-to-ship artwork, check out my Etsy listings below.

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