Quilled Pink and Yellow Mandala

I love making mandalas and have done several, the last of which was this Quilled Pink and Yellow Mandala. They are fun to create because of their symmetry and the way you build from the inside, kind of like you would if crocheting or knitting. Each revolution uses a different type of shape. You can get really creative or go very plain – and it always looks beautiful in the end.


This mandala is a little smaller than 8″ x 8″ and is at it’s deepest, nearly 1/2″. The only different technique about this mandala is that I used teardrops that I glued on their smooth side. Normally they’d be placed so you could see the coils. I wanted to give this an interesting feature that you could only see from certain angles and this is what I chose to do. The outside edge was finished off with beehive and I really think that “made” the piece. I have to thank a group member and acquaintance of mine, Lorena, for the idea. She had recently used beehive to garnish a piece and I decided to try it out for myself. I love the way it looks. Probably the other reason I love this piece so much is the color scheme. There is just something that really makes me go wild about the pinks and yellows mixed together. I guess it looks like candy to me maybe and I’m a former sugar addict.

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