Quilled Quad Letter Monogram | Letters D-K-N-E

I made this rainbow quilled quad letter monogram for a friend of mine that was hugely helpful in the aftermath of my disabled father’s total-loss house fire. She had been an acquaintance of mine since high school and when she heard about the fire she jumped into action and was so incredibly helpful.

I wanted to do something nice for her and I had such a hard time figuring out what to do, so eventually I settled upon this monogram.

I had bought a few of these frames while on clearance and had never used them. I actually think I have a couple left. Note to self: dig out frames and find use for them! Stop hoarding!

Anyways, the letters are the initials of all the first names of the family members, and interestingly enough, if you read the letters left to right, top to bottom, they kind of sound out the last name, too! It’s a cool coincidence. The last name was Dunklee, by the way.

I chose a rainbow color scheme for lack of a better idea. I think that at the time I was so exhausted from months of “fixing” things in my father’s life that I needed about 30 solid days of couch-potatoing to refresh me a bit.

My friend ended up asking me to return the favor and I helped out an organization she was doing a raffle for by donating the beautiful white orchid lily I had made just previous to this. I have always loved that lily and keep telling myself that I need to make another.