Quilled Rainbow Bubble Abstract

This quilled rainbow bubble abstract was really fun to make. I wanted to see if I could use my Cricut to help out my quilling. The end result is that the two actually mesh really well with each other.


To make this piece I found an abstract cutting pattern on Silhouette. It was basically circles or bubbles cut out inside of a big main bubble. I just made loose coils to sit on the cutouts.

The most difficult part was making the loose coils on the sides appear as though they were cut in half. I made the full loose coil for these but only glued the portion on the cutout background. Then, when the glue was dry I cut the edges off. It wasn’t easy and wasn’t clean.

This piece is roughly 8″ x 8″ and I sized it that way because you can get mats for a 12×12 frame that are sized to 8×8 on Amazon for pretty cheap. Square mats are hard to find and to keep my prices down I prefer buying pre-made mats as opposed to having each piece receive a custom cut mat.

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Though I am displaying this quilled rainbow bubble abstract on my wall at work, I have a similar piece available on my Etsy shop. Check out the ready-to-ship artwork below.

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