Quilled Rainbow Spiral Tutorial | For Extreme Beginners

Introducing my Quilled Rainbow Spiral Tutorial, which is a super-easy, extreme-beginners tutorial for an easy, no measure rainbow spiral. Instructions are in PDF format and have dozens of close-up color photos and explicit, easy-to-understand instructions.

Quilled Rainbow Spiral Tutorial

My rainbow spirals have found their way all across the US and Canada and even across the pond to the UK. They are very easy to make – but can be finicky as far as planning out the sizes of your strips and quills and making the whole thing come together.

I’ve been trying to find an extreme beginner project that produces a pretty end result but is also very easy. Last night, I decided to just make one and I based it on my Rainbow Spiral design from several years back.

My Quilled Rainbow Spiral Tutorial is a miniature and simplified version of its larger predecessor. My largest spiral took me a full week to create, this one only has three rings. The tutorial isn’t so much about learning something new, than reinforcing basic shapes. Shape size consistency, and dry-fitting projects. In this tutorial we use only two shapes: loose coils and teardrops. In this sense, it’s great for any extreme beginner because it’s more about repetition than anything.

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