Quilled Red Truck with Tree

This Quilled Red Truck with Tree is literally the VERY LAST commission of the Christmas season! Now, don’t get me wrong, I have numerous commissions that are scheduled for after Christmas, but it’s time to take a tiny break and relax.

I lost count of how many I made between Black Friday and now, but I’ve basically been out straight day and night and all weekend long since then. Most of my projects have involved quilling, but I’ve done some custom paintings, too. It gives me hope for the upcoming year, as well as a shit load of inspiration to carry me through the long, dark, Maine winter.

I plan to offer this on my Etsy shop as a seasonal item. The bed of the truck can carry anything really, but I’m hoping to make demo pieces with pumpkins, hearts, easter eggs, and even a US flag.


This, like all my other creations this season was made with the fabulous 10mm deep paper that I tried from Juya. I really, really love this width and plan to continue using it in the future. I think I will have to switch over to 3/8″ which is just a hair smaller because the Juya only comes in multi-packs and I need to choose colors. I found the 3/8″ strips in a huge range of colors through Quilling.com and bought a bunch to try it. It works nicely and still has the same extra deep look that I am looking for.

On a side note I made the tree with 1/8″ strips and realized quickly why I hate that fiddly size with a passion! I cannot fathom how people use it regularly and my shock follows through to those who even attempt to use the 1/16″. Ugh!

The wooden body of the truck was made with cardstock strips stacked and glued about 20 deep. They are massive and I had to have my husband cut them for me because he doesn’t trust me with sharp things after a series of ER & stitch-worthy wounds.

This Quilled Red Truck with Tree is sold, but I can always make another. If you are interested in a commission item, please contact me to discuss details. Or, if you’d prefer to browse my Etsy shop for already-created items and/or other custom-made offerings, click on any link below to be whisked away to Etsy-land.

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