Quilled Scrollwork Red Fox

Some animals look amazing quilled with scrollwork, and this darling Quilled Scrollwork Red Fox is no exception. There is something about his body shape that lends so well to the scrolls.

Some day I would like to try him out again but in larger size and different format. Red Foxes are a part of life in rural Maine so it’s a lovely tribute and reminder to create art with them.

So far I have done a Red Fox, a Chickadee, Stylized Cats, Cat Portraits, Whole Cats, a Northern Cardinal, an Elephant, and a Rainbow Trout using this technique. I love scrollwork and it has such a beautiful end result no matter what it’s used it. I was going to use it to create my new Fat Cat line, but decided they needed a different look altogether.

While this handsome little Quilled Scrollwork Red Fox has since found a new home, I do have an e-kit available for quillers who want a fun project to tackle. It has step-by-step instructions that include photos. I created it for intermediate quillers, but have had a lot of positive feedback from beginner quillers who were able to make a great finished product. See the red fox kit and more on my Etsy shop. See more examples of my Scrollwork creatures in the Scrollwork Cat Gallery.

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