Quilled Starburst Heart Cat

I felt compelled to get on the bandwagon of making something just for Valentine’s Day. I have to admit that working full-time makes it hard to keep up with the trends and output a constant feed of new artwork. So, even though it was a day late, I made this Quilled Starburst Heart Cat as a tribute to the holiday. I also created a Red & White Scrollwork Cat that will have it’s own separate article.


I made this cat using the Fat Cat design I created a few weeks ago. It was cut out of a piece of red textured cardstock that I had been hoarding for no less than three years. I had bought it to use in a Valentine’s Day project that never ended up happening. It was nice to finally get to use it!

The outline was made with regular red quilling paper. The starburst lines were made with Little Circles On Edge cardstock strips. They definitely hold their shape better and are easier to work with for something like this.

I formed the heart shape by doing some finger gymnastics after creating a circle using the Quilled Creations Border Buddy tool.

See more of my cats by visiting my Scrollwork Creatures Gallery.

I have placed this Quilled Starburst Heart Cat on my Etsy shop at a slightly discounted price. Check him (and the other Fat Cats) out below.

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