Quilled Tie-Dye Fat Cat | Pink & Purple

This is the third Fat Cat I made last night: a pink and purple Quilled Tie-Dye Fat Cat. I guess you could also say he resembles a mandala. He wasn’t really planned or based on anything specific, so I guess he can be anything you want him to be!

Being 45, while having some benefits, really affects your ability to sit up all night and quill! I remember just a few years ago I could do it all afternoon, all evening, and into the wee hours of the morning. And last night I was on this beautiful artistic high until at 2am, my bones began to creak and my vision was blurry and I looked at the clock and almost fell over backwards.

Let’s just say I slunk into the bedroom trying not to wake up my husband or dog (unsuccessful with the dog, BTW!) and fell almost immediately to sleep. And, since I”m programmed to wake up at 3:30 every morning, it wasn’t exactly a restful night. I laid in bed till 9:00am today and there isn’t enough coffee in my house to keep my lids from sagging. Hahaha!

All of my Fat Cats are available on my Etsy shop including this Quilled Tie-Dye Fat Cat. See the rest of the cats in my Scrollwork Cat Gallery.

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