Quilled TMNT Tribute Collage

This Quilled TMNT Tribute Collage started out as a monogram request, but once I started brainstorming for design ideas, I realized that it would be better as a tribute collage than monogram. In case you’re not as old as I am, TMNT stands for “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” They were the subject of a comic book many years (decades?) ago, then a cartoon – and even a live action movie. The woman who ordered this is giving it to a person who is a collector slash enthusiast. I do not think that the gift giver is going to “get” this, and she may well not like it – but I’m pretty sure the recipient will “get” it and appreciate the references I’ve included.

To spell them out…

  1. TMNT’s favorite food (obsession actually) was pizza. And strange combinations at that. Hence the pizza slice as the main object.
  2. There were four TMNT’s: Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael and each of them wore a mask with a specific color. Hence the four “pepperonis” in the four “mask” colors.
  3. The background is a turtle shell – self explanatory.
  4. Their motto or favorite saying was: “Cowabunga!”


This piece was made with 10mm wide strips which I have recently come to LOVE. The only exception to this is the turtle shell in the background which was made with 1/4″ strips. It is built in a series of layers.

Available on Etsy

Although this Quilled TMNT Tribute Collage is sold, I am taking commissions currently and can usually translate your ideas into quilled artwork. Contact me with inquiries. Or, if you’d prefer to see what I have currently available on my Etsy shop, take a peek below. Please note that prices shown don’t reflect any sales that might be running.

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