Quilled Valentines Scrollwork Cat

This was the Scrollwork version of my two Valentine’s Day cats. I actually ended up making two more on Sunday, making it a total of four, but at the time this was made, two was the magic number and this Quilled Valentines Scrollwork Cat was the only one that had white incorporated into it.


The base design for this was a cutout I created for my Scrollwork Cats. I made it in a textured red cardstock. I made white “S” scrolls and the idea was to create a ring of them all going in the same direction. Well, I failed that and one is out of place. Do yo usee which one? Ugh!

I put some red coils in around the edges to break up the white and carry the red theme throughout. I’m not used to making such structured scrollwork, but in this case I really like it. It reminds me of Redwork fabric that I used to see a lot of when I was actively quilting.

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