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You may or may not know, but I founded the quilling group named Contemporary Quilling. One of my former moderators, Zahra, was creating a tutorial for the group (we used to do weekly movie nights) on vortex coils.

I had never really played around with them personally, so I followed her tutorial and was surprised at how easy – and fun – they were to make. As a result, I sat there that night and used up a pack of sample strips I got from Little Circles making them in various sizes.

8x10 Vortex Collage Art Print
8×10 Vortex Collage Art Print

They were soooo pretty and perfect looking that I decided to photograph them. I piled them up and arranged them in various positions. Snapped photos – one of which I had blown up and looks AMAZING as a poster.

Quilled Vortex Poppy Landscape

A week or so later I wracked my brain trying to figure out how to use them and Sleep My Pretty – Quilled Vortex Poppy Landscape was the end result.


The piece is 8×10 and mounted on fiber-infused artboard. The entire artboard was painted with alcohol inks prior to placing anything on it. The grass is a mixture of 1/4″ cardstock and regular strips, all staggered on their edges. After they were glued down I painted alcohol inks directly onto them to deepen the colors and blend with the background color.

I arranged the vortex coils on top of the grass putting larger ones in front and smaller on top to create a sense of depth and perspective.

Quilled Vortex Poppy Landscape

Sleep My Pretty sold back in 2017, but I do have some new landscapes in the works for this year and there is a small 5×7 poppy landscape that is available on my Etsy shop (or at least will be shortly). Check out the two other landscapes I’ve made:

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