Quilled Whale Ocean Scene

It’s hard to tell but this quilled whale ocean scene is actually supposed to depict a whale that is holding up an island. As with many impulsive artistic attempts, they don’t always pan out!

And I think that I ended up finishing this piece prematurely, giving up when I got to the sky. While I was working on it, I found that I was way more interested in the contoured whale and hurried to the end so I could try out more contour whales. You can see the piece that this one inspired here: Quilled Contour Whale Pod.


This piece utilized a lot of different techniques. The whale and much of the coral were done with cardstock strips, giving them a bold appearance. The bubbles took forever and were made with a tool I got from Quilled Creations called a Border Buddy.

The grass and leaves on the island were made using a scrunching technique I developed a few years back. One of these days I will dig out the video tutorial and get it linked.

Even though this quilled whale ocean scene has a new home, I am currently taking commissions. If there is something you are interested in having custom made, Contact me. Or, if you would prefer to browse my already-made, ready-to-ship artwork, any of the links below will bring you directly to my Etsy shop.

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