Quilled White Orchid Lily

Oh how I love this quilled white orchid lily. One of the most striking parts of this piece is how 3D it is. The images don’t really give a good sense of how much depth I achieved between the 1/4″ base “petal” and the top of the pistils and stamen.

This lily…orchid… whatever you want to call it, is 8×8 and deceptively simple in appearance. In reality it took me a long time to build up the pieces and parts and when I was finally done, I almost couldn’t get it to fit inside the shadowbox frame!

I loved the way this came out so much that I planned to keep it for myself. But, as it turns out, a friend helped me out earlier that spring when my father’s house burned down and she needed help with a fundraiser that fall and asked if I’d donate this. I reluctantly did so, but am always glad to help out charitable causes. My thought was that I can always make another.

But then again, I always say that and never DO it. Maybe someday… Until then at least I took photos of it for reference.

I don’t do a lot of flowers unlike other quillers, so this piece was “different” for me. I consider it more of a mandala than a flower because it’s essentially a repeating design.


I created this quilled white orchid lily by making shapes and triplicating them in a design program I had. I fit them all together and printed it out to use as a template to work on top of. It was all to do with geometry and nothing more. It ended up becoming a flower after the fact. The leaves were made with crimped cardstock to give them extra presence and stiffness. The pink inner petals were very large tight coils that I pushed in on one side and out on the other to make a sort of ying-yang in 3D.

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