Custom Quilled White Scrollwork Cat

Today I made this beautiful little quilled white scrollwork cat. It is for a customer who actually ordered it from me almost a year ago. My father had a heart attack last June and life got really hectic. As a result, I cancelled the order and was incredibly grateful that she gave me another chance this past week.

Oddly enough, I haven’t moved back into my art studio yet and have been quilling in my den which has really bad lighting. I can’t figure out if I made it with pure white paper or off-white paper. If I look at the cat at night, it looks off-white. If I look at it during the day it looks white. I have obsessed about the true nature of it’s color for the past week at least.

I decided that I may never truly know and opted to send a photo to the customer and let her decide. She said she loves it either way. So it looks like this kitty is heading off to it’s new home tomorrow!

The Scrollwork Cats now have their very own gallery. Visit them by clicking this link. I cannot believe the gallery is so large! I don’t remember making this many cats over the years. It’s amazing how over time you can do the same thing over and over and they all blend together. However many I have made, I am grateful for all the support I get from my followers.

Do you want your own custom quilled white scrollwork cat? Visit my Etsy shop by clicking on a link below.

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