Quilled White-Tailed Deer

I made this Quilled White-Tailed Deer portrait for my cousin, Joseph in 2014. He was pretty young at the time and absolutely obsessed with deer and hunting and farming in general. I wrapped his package with orange day-glow duct tape so it was difficult to get into .

Quilled White Tail Deer
Quilled White Tail Deer


This Quilled White-Tailed Deer is 8″ x 10″ and mounted on a piece of cream colored cardstock. I was very new to quilling when I made this and didn’t realize how poorly the Michael’s brand cardstock performed when used as a background. I was also pretty heavy-handed with my glue back then and as a result, this piece warped terribly.

Everything in this piece was made with 1/8″ standard weight quilling strips. Until I discovered Little Circles, all I used were Lake City and Quilled Creations. This piece was tedious, and made even more-so with the narrow strips. Getting the pieces to compress and hold their shapes and stay where I wanted them was an act of pure patience. LOL

There is nothing special about the techniques. I just made closed coils and squished them into the spaces where I needed them to fit. It’s kind of like coloring with crayons – you just get an approximate location for the colors and skip the fine details.

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