Quilled Zig-Zag Fat Cat | Blue & White

With the creation of my new Fat Cats design line, I wanted a way to personalize the cats even though they use bright decorative colors as opposed to the actual colors of people’s cats. So for this quilled zig-zag fat cat | blue & white, I tried to make a personalized collar tag. It came out really well and I will have this option available on all the Fat Cats on my Etsy shop.

I created the Fat Cat line to give a more colorful quilled cat option. As time goes on, I will probably try out a few traditional colors as well. But for now, this design line will focus on atypical colors that are easier to match to your home decor. I have several in the works with unique paper patterns and textures. They are so fun to make – I hope that they are as popular as the Scrollwork Cats.

For those of you who are first-time visitors, please see the Scrollwork Creatures Gallery for examples of my other design line.

All of my Fat Cats are available for adoption, including this Quilled Zig-Zag Fat Cat | Blue & White. You can find them on my Etsy shop below. Quilled Fat cats are the perfect gift for cat lovers. Get one to memorialize a former pet or to remind you of a current pet. Customization is available.

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