Quilled Zig-Zag Fat Cat | Yellow & Green

This Quilled Zig-Zag Fat Cat is my favorite of the three new Fat Cats I created last night . I think it’s because he is so simple, yet has a lot of texture and character. I don’t use a lot of bright colors in my quillings normally, but I’ve decided to break out of that box.

This –as were the other two Fat Cats– was made with a backing of a watercolor cardstock that I’ve wanted to use for years but never did. I cannot keep hoarding all these crafting supplies! I love this style so much that I think I might make a few more of them, but in different colors.

I think that what makes this guy look as good as he does is that I didn’t use regular quilling strips for his zig-zags; I used cardstock strips from Little Circles. This gave him a lot more “presence” since cardstock is about three times thicker than regular quilling paper. Using 1/4″ strips also helps as it creates more shadowing and depth.

I’m on a mission to produce a whole new line-up of cats – scrollwork and fatties. I think I prefer the fat cats as they have already proven to be brighter and more whimsical than their scrolled counterparts. See the Scrollwork Cat Gallery here.

All my fat cats are available on my Etsy shop, including this yellow & green quilled zig-zag fat cat.

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