Rainbow Quilled Scrollwork Cat

I am obsessed with rainbow colors, especially when incorporated into quilled artwork, hence this gorgeous rainbow quilled scrollwork cat. I’ve never thought of making a rainbow scrollwork cat, but I had just finished an abstract and had all the colors out when I thought, “Hmm, why not make rainbow scrolls?” So I did and this is the result. I am in love with it. How about you?

Because the number of scrollwork cats in my portfolio keeps growing, I decided to create a gallery just for them since it would be difficult at best for someone to try to pick through all the images on my site and see just the cats. See the entire Scrollwork Cat Gallery here.

Not only have I been busy making Scrollwork Cats to get ready for Mother’s Day, I’ve also started a new line of cats that I’m calling, simply, Fat Cats. It’s a quilled cat design line, where the kitties are plus-sized and proud of it.

Last night I created the first three and I plan to make more between now and May. If you are interested in buying a Ready-to-Ship Fat or this Rainbow Quilled Scrollwork Cat, check out the links directly to my Etsy shop below.

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[etsy-shop shop_name=”MainelyQuilling” section_id=”21463142″]

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